My New Role as Consultant…And Patient!

Aliena’s school very kindly asked me to come in and talk a bit about diabetes, as this week they’re learning about doctors and nurses, something which I was thrilled to do, knowing that the more her friends understand her condition, the more supportive they will be.

It was hugely rewarding hearing them all asking questions with genuine interest (well, for 5 year olds anyway!), and I felt very proud of myself, being able to pass on all that I have learned about the good soldiers and the bad soldiers inside Aliena’s body.  What I hadn’t been warned about was that after my session as ‘consultant’, I was then to become the patient for half an hour…..from which I still haven’t recovered!!!!!  As you can see from the pictures, they were an enthusiastic bunch  – let’s just say I feel a little too old for playing doctors and nurses…!IMG_2010


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