The Sugarplum Fairy Godmother – YOU Magazine

Thank you to my wonderful friend Charlotte Methven, and YOU magazine, for the most amazing article about Sugarplum Children, and all that we are trying to achieve.  The response to the article has just ben amazing, from other parents in the same boat, or just peole wanting to say how moved they were, all of which is so encouraging, so thank you! Fairy Godmother

Letter From The Prime Minister

I recently contacted the Prime Minister to let him know about the Type 1 Parliament day organised by JDRF, as he is my MP.  He sadly couldn’t make the event at Parliament but did take the effort to reply, and here it is – great to know David Cameron is aware of Sugarplum Children and the work of JDRF.  We will do all we can to keep type 1 research at the top of his agenda.

Letter to Sugarplum Children from the Prime Minister

Diabetes cure within reach

The Daily Express
(c) 2014 Express Newspapers
by Giles Sheldrick

Experts confident they can wipe out the killer disease ‘Race is on. We could have cure in 20 years’.

DIABETES could be cured “within a generation” thanks to radical British-led research, a world expert claimed last night.

UK teams are leading the race against a disease which will hit 6.25 million people by 2035 – 10 per cent of the population – and already costs the NHS £1million an hour. Find out more…

Google zooms in on smart lenses
(c) Financial Times
by Richard Waters in San Francisco

Google is aiming to take a lead in an area of “wearable” health devices where Microsoft once hoped to be a pioneer, as it tests a contact lens designed to help diabetics track their blood sugar levels in the blink of an eye.

The prototype device, revealed late on Thursday, analyses the glucose levels in a wearer’s tears. Google said it hoped the idea would one day save millions of diabetics from the need to take frequent blood samples to track their condition. However, it conceded: “There’s still a lot more work to do to turn this technology into a system that people can use.” Find out more…

Minister is belle of the ball, even with Pippa and Poppy

The Times
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by Lucy Fisher

Minister is belle of the ball, even with Pippa and Poppy; Theresa May, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes this year, showed support for fellow sufferers and was praised for being open about her illness, writes Lucy Fisher.

More accustomed to jeers and criticism from fellow politicians in the House of Commons, the Home Secretary elicit-ed uproarious applause and praise at a charity ball.

The simple fact of her attendance at the Sugar Plum Ball for type 1 diabetes prompted the raucous welcome: Ther-esa May has become the poster girl for sufferers of the illness.

Mrs May discovered earlier this year that she had developed the condition. Her decision to attend the fundraiser, after speaking openly about diabetes in July, led to an outpouring of praise from sufferers and their relatives. Find out more…