We are so proud to announce that the total raised to date is £3.2m.

All the money we raise goes to JDRF, the world leading funder of type 1 diabetes research, which for over 40 years has been fundamentally involved with the delivery of advances; seeking out, assessing and monitoring the best science to drive the breakthroughs that improve management of type 1, and which will ultimately eradicate the condition entirely.  We all know that type 1 diabetes can be cured, it is just a matter of good research, time and money.

The Sugarplum, Wadi Rum Trek 2021 – Total raised £73,000 (target £100k)

The Sugarplum Dinner 2019 – Total raised £1.5 million

The Sugarplum Dog Walk 2019 – Total raised £7,200

The Sugarplum Dinner 2017 – Total raised £750,000

The Sugarplum Dinner 2015 – Total raised: £620,000

The Sugarplum Dinner 2013 – Total raised: £257,000

World Diabetes Day 2014 – ‘Be a Type Onesie’ – Total raised: £6,995

The Sugarplum Pendant by Annoushka – Total raised to date: £15,000