A Small World

I just wanted to share with you an email I received a few weeks ago form a fellow T1 mother. No explanation needed…..all i can say is it really is such a small world, and makes us realise how many other parents are out there dealing with the same daily T1 routine as we are, which can never be a bad thing.


I just wanted to share that today I sat outside at a service station near Minehead about to feed my son who has type1 and has had for just over 3 years. I looked up to see an all too familiar routine going on at the next table  – finger pricks, hurriedly trying to work out the carb count before the accu check meter turns off etc.
it struck me how quickly i recognised the body language and how we go through this process as though its second nature now.
Anyway I vaguely recognised from the article in the YOU MAGAZINE and then stumbled upon your website – such a fab idea. Our local support group may be closing down and we have found their support invaluable since Saul’s diagnosis – don’t get me wrong my friends are fantastic but no one understands like another type 1 mum.
After looking at all of the fantastic work that you have been doing I just wanted to say thank you. Being proactive helps me to feel as though I am helping my son fight this horrible condition!

Many thanks

Lucy Westley and family

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