Be a TypeOnesie on World Diabetes Day, 14th November


World Diabetes Day is marked each year on 14th November by huge numbers of people around the globe.  For World Diabetes Day 2014, Sugarplum Children is working alongside JDRF to make their #TypeOnesie campaign even bigger than before, so we are encouraging as many schools as possible all over the UK to take part, by donating money to wear a onesie to school.

Last year’s World Diabetes Day was a triumph for all of us who are affected by type 1 diabetes, raising £53,000 to support diabetes research.  This year, we hope not only to raise eyebrows, smiles, and even more money, but most importantly, to raise awareness of life with the condition.

Whether you can donate £1, £5, £10, or £100 it will all go towards helping to find the cure for this horrible illness, and change the lives of all whom it affects, but in particular, the 29,000 children living in Britain: our brave little stars.

And for that, we will be eternally grateful.

For more information please email Jubie Wigan:

Payment/Social Media  Please collect all money raised, and then make one payment to the Sugarplum Children #TypeOnesie Just Giving page:

And if you are able to promote awareness via soclai media, please use the following hashtags: #typeonesie #sugarplumchildren #bravelittlestars #type1diabetes


First Sugarplum Children’s Picnic is Huge Success

We were so thrilled to have hosted the first ever Sugarplum Children’s Picnic in Oxfordshire at the weekend – with around 40 children attending, half of whom had T1.   Sharky & George kept them all entertained for 3 very hot hours, playing games including Tug of War, catapulting water bombs and lots of jumping on and under their multicoloured parachute  – pictures below.

For tea they all sat on straw bales eating sandwiches, sugar free jelly, corn crisps, sausages and cup cakes (even children T1 are allowed a sweet cupcake once in a while!), whilst the grown ups all got to know each other and compared stories about living with a child (or in some cases, two children) with diabetes.   Most amazing of all, was seeing the children compare pumps and do blood tests   – something which would bring a tear to the eye of even the strongest oaf parents.

We look forward to welcoming many many more children and parents to the next picnic in 2015.


The Sugarplum Children’s Picnic – 20th July

I have emailed lots of you to talk about the idea of me organising a large children’s party in London , but which sadly, with so many other commitments over the next few months, I’m just not going to be able to organise anymore……..HOWEVER, instead, Ive decided to have the first Sugarplum Children’s Picnic at our house in Oxfordshire, on 20th July.

This date marke Aliena’s 2nd anniversary, and my husband and i would love for as many of you as possible to be there.  I will post the invitation and more details on the site later this week, but in the meantime, should you want to know more about it, please email me




The Sugarplum Dinner – November 2013

One Mayfair played host to the first ever Sugarplum Dinner on November 20th 2013, which raised £257,000 for JDRF, the main type 1 diabetes research charity in the world.  As well as a who’s who of London’s A list, the dinner was also attended by the Home Secretary Theresa May (who has type 1), Lord Julian Fellowes, Pippa Middleton, and Poppy Delevingne. Find out more…