Tears & Tugging At The Heart Strings – Starting Big School

My darling Aliena just started at her big school last week – off she went, so grown up in her uniform, book bag and diabetes kit in hand, new shoes as shiny as a mirror – not one look back, not one tear from her, whereas I was a mess.   I never expected to feel so overwhelmed, but having to start all over again with new teachers knocked me for six.

Due to the teachers not being trained yet to do the blood tests or administer the insulin via pump, I’ve had to go over to the school (which is on my doorstep thank goodness) every 2 hours, which has just wrenched my heart every time. Having to pull her away from her friends to stick yet more needles in those little paint and mud stained fingers just goes against every bone in a parent’s body.  But she has never complained, so why do I find it so hard?? or is that the point, the less she complains, and the more accepting she is, the more painful it is for us?

This week has been easier, and I’m sure they teachers will get the hang of it in no time at all, but I just wanted to share this as Im sure there are 100s of you in the same boat, so please feel free to share, to moan, to cry, or to admit there is a certain element of relief at finally being able to handover control to someone else for a few hours each day…..we are all in this together, so must carry each other along every step of the way, so onwards and upward we go.


One thought on “Tears & Tugging At The Heart Strings – Starting Big School

  1. Stephanie Hough


    I just wanted to say a huge thank you for developing this website and for the obvious time and effort put into it. Our son Alfred, aged 5 was diagnosed type 1 earlier this year. It has completely turned our world upside down! It is heart breaking having to watch your child go through the endless testing and injecting, and knowing they can’t enjoy the freedom other child his age can. We are trying to be positive, but in honesty I am still coming to terms with it and the future what lies ahead. Alfred on the other hand I think, is handling it much better, which is like you commented, still very upsetting that they have accepted this is his life now.
    I have been inspired by how proactive you are and now I am too, organizing a local ticketed dinner party with a raffle on World Diabetes Day to raise money for JDRF.
    Please keep doing what you are doing with this website, as it is very much appreciated.

    Many thanks,
    Stephanie x


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