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We have only just gone live to coincide with the amazing article in YOU magazine, so the content isn’t complete yet, so more information will be added bit by bit.  We would love to hear any feedback you may have, and if you would like to be involved, and have experience of living with a child with type 1, then please do get in touch.

Thank you

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  1. Sian Mathews mullane

    Hi my name sian and am mum to a girl who has type 1 diabetes she was diagnosed at the age of 9 and she going to be 13 next month she been on a pump for the last year as she was injection herself up to 7 to 8 times a day it’s not been easy and it’s getting harder as she hits teenager years and she rebaling against it and some days I don’t know what to do it would be nice to talk to other parents as I feel am on my own .

  2. Carolyn Ewart

    Hi everyone in the Diabetes world
    I have a beautiful Daughter who got diagnosed one your ago at age three. It was THE most intense learning curve but we do our best to keep her safe and healthy but also have as normal a life as possible.
    We have Omni pod pump and I can’t say enough good things about it.

    One thing I would say to parents like ourselves trying soooo hard is don’t beat your self up, levels are never going to be perfect but we give our babies the best start possible and god help us when they get to be teenagers!?

    Xx Caz xX

    1. Jubie Wigan

      Hello to everyone who has taken the time to comment about Sugarplum Children…I have been overwhelmed by the response to the article. The website is still very basic – i just had to get something live before the article came out, but i will adding more info in the next couple of weeks.

      one area I’m particularly keen to have is a section on what it feels like to have a hyper and hypo, but from the children who have them – i.e. in their words. If anyone has a child who can describe what it feels like (an adult with type 1 described a hyper as his whole body aching all over and a feeling of real depression and anger), please let me know and I will post it on the site. Ideally email me: jubie@sugarplumchildren.com, as then it will come through straight away.

      I just feel that as a parent, i have no idea what Aliena is actually feeling when her bloods are high or low, but if i could read descriptions of how other slightly older children feel, it would make it so much easier for me to understand what she goes through on a daily basis.
      thank you x

  3. Jo Richardson

    Hi fellow parents/carers!!
    I am the mother of a 3 year old diabetic boy, diagnosed a year ago. He has a Medtronic insulin pump which is amazing as it cuts down the number if needles immensely! I feel I have greater control over his care, and as a neonatal nurse myself, I feel I have a different viewpoint on his diabetes. I know it’s an awful thing to have, and as I have an autoimmune disease myself it’s come from me, but I am truly thankful it’s something he can live with. I am thrilled to hear about sugar plum children, and am hoping to set up a support group in the Leeds area very soon!
    Jo x

  4. Valerie Robson

    How good to see something like this website for all you mums with type1 children- no, I am not a mum, but a grandma. I marvel at these children I have met with Type 1, how well they cope with needles and how accepting they are of all that has to go on.
    My daughter lives in Finland and our son Aleksi was diagnose at almost 4. It was very hard for my daughter who married late produced 2 wonderful children, a boy and a girl. He wears a pump but being a Finn he runs, ski’s orienteers plays ice hockey and gets on with life. He is now 10. My daughter is amazing, she, like lots of you learnt to cope and is still coping with the ups and the downs the highs and lows and the counting carbs. She even has to cope with frozen tubes when the temperature drops and Aleksi like all boys hasn’t things tucked in quite a firmly as they should be. But life goes on- hard for the children hard for the parents and believe me hard for the grand parents, I would love to have him over here for a holiday with his sister but wonder if I could cope.
    To all of you keep up the good work , and as my husband said to Amanda, one day he will go off for a drink and a pizza with his friends and thanks to you will know exactly how many carbs he is having.

  5. Diane

    Hi, my friends just 10 year old daughter (my own daughters best friend) has been diagnosed just this week with Type 1 and is still currently being treated in hospital as I write this to stabilise her sugar levels before she can come home (hopefully) early next week. It has been an incredibly emotional journey for her whole family already this week as they start to come to terms with the condition and the impact it will have on all their lives but they are coping with everything so well and courageously. I am sure though that being able to talk to other parents, children and families living with Type 1 will be so helpful to them. I shall be emailing her your website address and showing her the article in the magazine which I couldn’t have read at a more appropriate time – thank you xx

  6. Karen Murton


    My little man was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes November 2013. He is 3 years old and amazing!! His life has changed so dramatically in 3 months yet he has adapted to everything that diabetes entails. It was the week of my daughters 1st Birthday that we started to notice dramatic changes in George, the unquenchable thirst, ridiculously increased frequency of urinating, wetting the bed at night, tantrums and how upset he would get over such trivial things. After 3 days of the excessive thirst and urinating I managed to get hold of a urine dipstick test and George’s Glucose levels went to maximum instantly. I took George to the out of hours GP clinic where a blood glucose test was taken and his reading was 24mmol. We were admitted into hospital within the hour where we stayed for 6 days. Luckily, George was admitted and as we noticed the symptoms relatively early on, he could commence insulin injections straight away. It was a week that changed our lives forever. To see your little boy so scared by suddenly having to have these injections and battling your conscience as you know they are ultimately lifesaving, but how do you explain that to a 3 year old?
    Three months on, George has adapted amazingly, insulin injections and glucose testing are now just part of his daily routine. His glucose levels are at times a bit all over the place and it is so hard to control when he is so young and does not recognise the signs of feeling Hypo or Hyper. He is and will continue to be a little boy doing all the things little boys do but in a slightly different way.
    He is along with all the other young type 1 children very special and truly amazing. If only we could all adapt so well and so quickly as they have done.


  7. Jubie Wigan

    Dear All
    I would be so grateful if you could send me your email addresses to jubie@sugarplumchildren.com so i can add you to my mailing list. I’m trying to update the site with more info but since the article in YOU it has all just been non stop with no time to do anything!!! Next week, my focus is Sugarplum.

    Thank you all for your patience

    Jubie x

  8. Michelle Batstone

    Hi,I’m Diane’s friend who posted on here on 8th February while I was still in hospital with my 10 year old daughter ,Jodie was diagonised with type 1 diabetes 11 days ago we were in hospital a week so they could get her doses right and have been home 5 days,iour life as changed so much in the last week preparing and planning meals well in advance.she has been such a star doing her own blood counts and insulin injections from day 2,just like to add that Jodie used to scream at needles so I never thought she would do her own..she has had a few hypos but she gets herself in a right state even though I’m right by her side,I just keep telling her to stay calm.im dreading her going back to school after half term which is next week,I feel I don’t want her out of my sight incase anything bad is going to happen at the same time I know I can’t wrap her up in cotton wool.i would like to speak to other mothers who have kids with diabetes.ive just read the magazine article and it’s nice to know that it seems like all mothers with kids with diabetes must feel the same way as I do.thanks x

  9. Jubie Wigan

    So I was planning on really getting more info on the site this week but have had a little setback as Aliena had to go back into hospital for a couple of days due to key tones of over 4 that wouldn’t drop, fever etc etc – the first time she has been admitted overnight since she was diagnosed in July 2012.

    We are back home now and she is back to normal, but I promised her a half term treat today, so the site will be delayed until next week – apologies – and please bear with me.

    Thank you for all your encouragement with the site.
    Jubie x

  10. Evita Hussey


    My son was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1 2 weeks ago.

    I am constantly reading about T1D (type 1 Diabetes) to know, to be prepared and to be able to look after my little darling. He is 4 years old and expecting his 5th birthday in month time. He is looking forward to his birthday with his friends and lots of cakes. I am not so sure…. I don’t know…

    We were told to carry on with our lives and activities as normal but it does not seem that his sugars last as long as he did before ( even after having snack in advance).

    Today we went to Sid’s (from cbeebies) Show and at the break time when I gave my son his snack- apple, Toby asked me: “Mummy but why are they eating sweeties?” I was drying tears from my eyes for the rest of the show.

    I have started blog at http://lifewithdiabetestype1.blogspot.co.uk/ where I will be documenting our journey, hopes and worries.

    I still have millions of questions…

    I have already enquired about insulin pump and I was told that we will work towards it with our Diabetic Team.

    Kind regards


  11. Kerri-Louise Harvey

    Hey Guys x
    Being a young mum to a child is one thing, but being a mum to a little girl with diabetes is a whole new story. My life was turned up side down, when me and my partner found out our little 18month old girl had diabetes type 1; which was caused by a Virus. Six months went by after having the Virus and Lacey started to pass Urine more often than usual, especially at night, increased thirst, extreme tiredness and unexplained weight loss. I was unaware about diabetes and automatically just classed it as a cold, I even took Lacey to our GP and he told me to give her Calpol as she just has the Flu. 3 days went passed and I wasn’t convinced it was just Flu, I took her to my local Hospital and before I could book her in, Lacey collapsed! Doctors from everywhere come rushing over and placed her in a room were blood tests and tests of her body was done. That’s when I found out my baby had diabetes and that I was lucky she was still alive.
    Lacey was placed on the pump straight away and in 5 days me and my partner became experts and her sugar levels were great. That wasn’t to last, after 5 months Lacey became severely allergic to the pumps given sets, which caused two painful abscess’s on her bum. We have been Hospitalised 4 times since she was diagnosed and none of the Doctors can answer: Why she has been having really bad Hypos or Hypers? We have actually just been discharged today as she had severe Hypos. We are using the injections but cant seem to manage them, the Doctors have explained it is nothing I am doing wrong and that they are happy with the diet she is following, Some children just have a tougher time than others. I nearly lost my Child who is now 2 3/4 twice this week and that scared every bone out of my body. I need HELP! I need another parent with the same sort of case that can give me tips and if your child has Celiac Disease as the Doctors think she may have this!!!!!!!!

  12. Emma

    Hi all

    I’m a parent to Evie whose 6 she was diagnosed at just age 4 with type 1. And it’s been a very steep learning curve even now 2 years later. But have to say the kids that are diagnosed are so great and a credit to us all with what they have to go through. Great ad and website by the way. We are on a wait list for a pump at present and don’t know many other people locally with type 1 either so nice to know this website is out there.


  13. Victoria

    My little princess Chloe was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes on 15th January 2014 so everything is still very new to us. It came as such a shock as I knew something really wasn’t right with Chloe back in September last year. Her behaviour started to change drastically and she was becoming very aggressive and have frequent violent tantrums then the next minute she would be saying sorry. She was always asking for food and ended up having her lunch at 10am as I couldn’t hold off any longer as she was getting so upset. It was heart breaking to see our daughter is so much distress and things worsened when she became constantly thirsty. Immediately after giving her a drink of water she would start crying for another and then need the toilet. It was the same during the night so she hardly slept. I had taken her to the doctors on two occasions when I started to get really concerned and the doctor brushed it off and said there was nothing to worry about. After Christmas I contacted my health visitor who suggested that if I was struggling to deal with my daughters tantrums that I could go on a parenting course !!! I was told to restrict all her drinks and she told me that due to my daughter being just 3 years of age her behaviour was a way of trying to get my attention. I was so angry, why was no one taking me seriously!!. She said that if symptoms persisted for more than a couple of months then to think about taking her back to the doctors. By this point I had research on the internet and everything was telling me Chloe had diabetes. I couldn’t prolong this any longer so it was the 3rd time in 4 months I went back to the doctors and was not leaving until I had answers, more importantly that they carry out a urine test. As soon as they did the test Chloe was straight away admitted to hospital. When we arrived we were told her blood sugar levels were 36.2 mmols and they confirmed my worst fears that she had diabetes. I have never cried so much in my life. I was so scared not knowing anything about this illness and how much our lives would change. We were in hospital for 4 days. I remember feeling so helpless and why hadn’t this happened to me not my child. It will be two months tomorrow when Chloe was diagnosed and she has been so brave with all the blood testing and injections. I am so proud of her as every parent must feel about their child. We are still what they call in the honeymoon period so I know this is a disease that is like no other so we just take every day as it comes.

    Jubie, I just want to say I think you are an amazing person for all your hard work and the money you have raised for this illness. Your article about Aliena was really was so emotional. It made me realise that I was not alone. You are an inspiration to so many people especially your beautiful daughter.. I wish Sugar Plum Children every success for the future and your continuing fundraising for Diabetes.



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