Tears & Tugging At The Heart Strings – Starting Big School

My darling Aliena just started at her big school last week – off she went, so grown up in her uniform, book bag and diabetes kit in hand, new shoes as shiny as a mirror – not one look back, not one tear from her, whereas I was a mess.   I never expected to feel so overwhelmed, but having to start all over again with new teachers knocked me for six.

Due to the teachers not being trained yet to do the blood tests or administer the insulin via pump, I’ve had to go over to the school (which is on my doorstep thank goodness) every 2 hours, which has just wrenched my heart every time. Having to pull her away from her friends to stick yet more needles in those little paint and mud stained fingers just goes against every bone in a parent’s body.  But she has never complained, so why do I find it so hard?? or is that the point, the less she complains, and the more accepting she is, the more painful it is for us?

This week has been easier, and I’m sure they teachers will get the hang of it in no time at all, but I just wanted to share this as Im sure there are 100s of you in the same boat, so please feel free to share, to moan, to cry, or to admit there is a certain element of relief at finally being able to handover control to someone else for a few hours each day…..we are all in this together, so must carry each other along every step of the way, so onwards and upward we go.


A Small World

I just wanted to share with you an email I received a few weeks ago form a fellow T1 mother. No explanation needed…..all i can say is it really is such a small world, and makes us realise how many other parents are out there dealing with the same daily T1 routine as we are, which can never be a bad thing.


I just wanted to share that today I sat outside at a service station near Minehead about to feed my son who has type1 and has had for just over 3 years. I looked up to see an all too familiar routine going on at the next table  – finger pricks, hurriedly trying to work out the carb count before the accu check meter turns off etc.
it struck me how quickly i recognised the body language and how we go through this process as though its second nature now.
Anyway I vaguely recognised from the article in the YOU MAGAZINE and then stumbled upon your website – such a fab idea. Our local support group may be closing down and we have found their support invaluable since Saul’s diagnosis – don’t get me wrong my friends are fantastic but no one understands like another type 1 mum.
After looking at all of the fantastic work that you have been doing I just wanted to say thank you. Being proactive helps me to feel as though I am helping my son fight this horrible condition!

Many thanks

Lucy Westley and family

Happy HbA1c!

I am in such a good mood….!! Aliena just had her annual review and her HbA1c has gone down from 65 mmol, to 50 mmil which I am so happy about, so just wanted to share it!  Thank you Animas Vibe pump for helping her achieve this….


One Month On – Pump update to come

Apologies for my silence over the past month or so – i have been wanting to update the site on at least a weekly, if not daily, basis, but there just seems to be so much going on at the moment, most importantly, Aliena going onto to an insulin pump.  I was so hoping to do a weekly update of how we were finding it, and i know its not too late, so will do a summary by the end of this week i hope.   But for now, i will say it’s been AMAZING – life changing.  Yes, ups and downs, but so so much easier than injecting her every time she eats.

And guess what makes it all so much easier – it’s PINK!!!!


Lots of other Sugarplum news to come……having to buy pump cases has inspired me to produce our won range of Sugarplum Children pen cases, insulin pouches and so on, so i will be in touch with everyone to get ideas and feedback, once I get the ball rolling. Initial meeting with production company is in 2 weeks, so watch this space.